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Worlds first Sterling Sugar

Its a very proud day here at Ball pythons 4 Africa, I have produced the worlds first Sterling Sugar Ball python.
Check the link below for images:


Event Update - Twins 

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the eggs in the incubator and Clutch 5 for the year, had one egg with 2 x very cute little heads protruding!!!

:D  So yes, you guessed it.... Twins!!

 - 5 x eggs and 6 x hatchlings!!

 This is one of Wally's clutches - Spider (m) X normal (f).

When I initially cut the eggs I thought that we had 3 x spiders and 2 x normal’s..... But that pleasantly changed to 3 x normals! :D

This is the first time that this has ever happened to me while breeding BP’s..... I am very interested to know if any other BP breeder has hatched twins before, and how frequently this has happened??

The egg with the twins was not any bigger compared to the rest of the eggs in the clutch, but the balls are tiny.

Twin number one 35 grams and twin number two 24 grams.

I have sexed them and they are both males. 

I have included some Pics below, I’m sure you would like to check them out.

News - Site changes :}  

Some exciting site changes are in the works, we are splitting up the available page to only display the animals that are available to you.

And that will allow us to create a new page that will focus only on informing you on what’s hatching and what I am breeding in the near future.

So check out the incubator page soon.

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