Let's take a look at what we're doing, what we're planning to do at Ball Pythons 4 Africa:

We Are currently in the breeding season and will have many baby's available soon.

What we currently have in the incubator, and what has hatched.

Current Season - 2014

·         I am still expecting more clutches to be laid early in 2015 ..... so watch this space !! J

·         I  had quite a few females that were quite close to the correct breeding weight , however , I only breed my females once they have reached 1.5kg’s before the start of the breeding season . So I will have a lot to look forward to in the 2015 breeding season .

·         I  tried to prove some possible and definite hets this season ...... so we will just have to wait and see what the outcome will be for this exercise  !!!

·         I also paired my Banana male to some females and I am really hoping to get some eggs from these combo’s ......


2014 Clutch’s

(1)    Piebald (M) x Het Piebald (F) – Laid on 30/11/2014 – 6 x eggs -  The was a breeding project between Brendon and myself .

(2)    Het Caramel Albino (M) X Het Caramel Albino (F) – Laid on 08/11/14 – 5 x eggs ( This is the 2nd  breeding season that I am trying to prove this pair )

(3)    Mojave Vanilla (M) X Normal (F) – Laid on 18/11/14 – 1 x fertile egg and 6 x slugs

(4)    Mojave Spotnose (M) X Normal (F) – Laid on 03/12/14 – 10 x fertile eggs and 1 x slug

(5)    Clown (M) X Normal (F) – Laid on 04/12/14 – 9 x eggs

(6)    Het Caramel Albino (M) X Poss het Caramel Albino (F) – Laid on 09/12/14 – 7x eggs

(7)    Mojave (M) X Het yellow Ghost (F) – Laid on 11/12/14 – 5 X eggs

(8)    Clown (M) X Normal (F) – Laid on 20/12/14 – 6 x eggs

(9)    Special (M) X Normal (F) – Laid on 02/01/15 – 6 Eggs

(10) Albino (M) x Het Albino (F) – 5 x eggs & 2 x slugs – Laid on 20/01/2015
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