My name is David and, thanks to my son Wesley, I am now a passionate, enthusiastic and very proud owner and breeder of a number of ball pythons. The fascination started about 15 years ago, when my son came home, desperately wanting to buy a corn snake. I was neither keen nor educated on any kind of snakes. However, over time and with a great deal of research, I learnt that snakes are absolutely beautiful creatures, each with their own unique history, markings and their own personality.

My interest rapidly shifted from corn snakes to various other species. I started my ball python collection about 6 years ago, as a small hobby, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was nothing more exciting than watching them eat, seeing them shed and then observing them grow and develop into the snakes they are today. Needless to say, my passion and love for them grew alongside them

My aim and focus has always been to buy and supply high quality ball pythons. I have purchased every single one of my morphs as a hatchling and watched them mature and grow into the most beautiful adults and sub-adults with great satisfaction. The feeling of elation when my first female lays her eggs at the beginning of the breeding season cannot easily be described. There is always an overwhelming excitement in our home when the eggs start pipping and when those hatchlings pop their little noses out, with the bubbles at the end of it, the feeling is indescribable. My wife says it is the cutest thing she has ever seen, so I always call her when this happens.

I can carry on for pages, describing my wonderful hobby and the absolute satisfaction that is gained from working with them on a daily basis, however, for more information please feel free to contact me regarding any queries that you might have.

Kind Regards

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